Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf.. ehm.. Vladimir Hucin?

Posilam vam clanecek o podobnostech ciste nahodnych. Pro ty, kdo nevladnou jazykem imperialistu, je dole cesky preklad clanku. Rosta


(about movies and about some Czech Republic and Afghanistan analogies)

I am a movie buff, I admit freely. Not really action movies buff, as I consider Hollywood's version of action hardly believable... and also I have been there and seen that, and they are nothing like the real thing, as they sing in the commercial. UsuaIly I am a fan of the movies that are trying to say something, regardless whether they are A or B movies.

The movie "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?" recently flashed through my mind. Not that I would think twice about who was really afraid of her, if anyone at all, but when I read about how famous fake/wannabe humanist and Czech President Vaclav Havel is building up a stack of his own political prisoners, the title for this story came to mind. Former officer of the Czech Secret Service (BIS) Vladimir Hucin is being held incommunicado in various prisons and psychiatric wards (remember how Soviets held some of their dissidents like Scharansky and Sacharov in nuthouses?) since last February. Now there will be a mock trial of him on February 13, 2002 and the country's Interior Minister Stanislav Gross announced proudly on Czech TV last week, that he already knows that Hucin is guilty. So much for "independent (in)justice" in the Czech Republic. Who's afraid of Vladimir Hucin so much?

The answer is obvious and simple: The ex-communists are still in power. The Velvet Revolution was a sham. The communists never relinquished the power - they just transformed themselves into parties with different sounding names, changed their coats and remained at the reigns.

Anatoliy Golitsyn, a KGB defector, wrote in his book, The Perestroika Deception, (p. 205) as follows: "The West has failed to comprehend the deceptive, controlled nature of the new 'democratic' and 'non-Communist' structures which have been introduced in the USSR and Eastern Europe. The West is jubilant that former so-called 'dissidents', seen as members of the 'persecuted political opposition', are now becoming presidents, premiers, members of government and of parliament, and ambassadors in these new structures. For the Communists have succeeded in concealing from the West that this so-called 'political opposition of dissidents' has been created, brought up and guided by the Bloc's Communist Parties and Security Services during the long period of preparation for 'perestroika'. The Bloc's political and security potential have been fully deployed in the interests of the strategy. "

As more people in today's America are more clear on where Afghanistan is, than on where the Czech Republic is - let me explain the situation as Czech-Afghanistan analogy:

Most of the people who are watching Afghanistan events closely are appalled by the painful fact that Afghans themselves are lacking the resolve to finish the Taliban off and are letting them go, either abroad or even back into their native villages as if nothing ever happened! There is no noticeable pursuit or zeal for justice! Instant memory lapses are stepping in. Abdul Haq, by all accounts a gentle and cultivated man, former Mujahedin Commander during Soviet occupation, an invalid with one leg lost to a land mine, was brutally murdered by Taliban "justice" when he ventured into Afghanistan just a few short weeks ago! Now everything is forgotten and nobody is really interested to bring justice to this and thousands of similar cases. If everything will go on in this fashion, then we may see former Taliban murderers in some government posts to share the power!

And there is a precedent to a crazy situation like this - that is why I am talking about this! In the middle of Europe, in Czechoslovakia - today's Czech Republic. The Communist government murdered thousands of people during their rule until 1989, but in spite of that, when humanism-faking playwright Vaclav Havel came to power at the end of 1989, his government proclaimed "a legal continuity" with a previous murderous Communist regime and old Communists are sharing in power still today. Actually, "share in power" would be a gross understatement - I would do better by stating that they remained in power. Today in the current government of the Czech Republic out of the 18 Cabinet Ministers 18 of them were past members of the Communist Party.

If this shining "European example" is to be followed in Afghanistan, then we can reasonably expect that Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden will be back in government within a few months or a year. American bombs pushed them back just a little, but not far enough. Which brings back a flashback of another movie - it was a B movie with Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin named Delta Force. The movie was loosely based on real events of that time with the hijacking of an American jet-liner to Beirut and the murder of a U.S. Navy diver.

In the movie very life-like Arab terrorists' are originally self-assuredly refusing any American demands for release of hostages - what else. But when the Delta Force comes in and the bombs start exploding and pyrotechnics light the sky, they suddenly grab the phone and scream: "Americans, I want to negotiate!..." (as it goes in the movie "too late, you bastards, too late"). A chillingly similar scenario was played out when the U.S. demanded the surrender of terrorists from Afghanistan - Mullah Omar was far too proud to even talk to the U.S. - but when bombs started raining from the skies in Kandahar, he suddenly was humble enough to try to save his sorry ass on the back seat of a motorcycle and was more than willing to negotiate with Hamid Karzai.

Get it? So let's jump back to Czech Republic. There was no bombing campaign over Eastern Europe - fortunately or unfortunately, it depends on your point of view - at least not so far. The communists, when it comes to human rights and the value of human life, are ideological blood brothers of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda terrorists - they just do not care! In spite of all the claims about now being "democratic", the ex-communists still rule the Czech Republic and the ridiculous humanist Vaclav Havel was their accomplice from the beginning. While all the thinking ones suspected that, no one had any proof. The proof was dug out only now by one overzealous officer of the Czech secret service - Vladimir Hucin. That is why he now rots in prison, why he is subjected to mistreatment in psychiatric wards and that is why he will be subjected on February 13 to an orchestrated mock trial in the best communist tradition.

The Czech government (all of them former members of communist party) is afraid of Vladimir Hucin. They are becoming more and more nervous from being repeatedly (last time on Jan. 9, 2002) berated by the United States Congress' Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, on human rights and free speech violations ().

A famous "humanist", a puppet of the communist clique, a President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, a recipient of 2001 award by American Bar Association CEELI Rule of Law Award, is afraid of him. Czech Parliament leader Vaclav Klaus, recipient of tons of honorary doctorates from American universities (those Ivy League profs just LOVE European leftists!) is afraid of him. How long will this ridiculous situation will be overlooked? How long will Czech communist spies be sitting in Brussels's NATO headquarters and spilling all their secrets to the KGB?

I believe that East European nations, if they want to remain a portion of the civilized world should rid themselves of their own communists very very fast - and listen for the first time and listen now. Because there may be a time that there will be nobody willing to listen later when they will be screaming "I want to negotiate!"

Ross Hedvicek


Cesky preklad:

Kdo se boji Virginie Woolfove.. tedy.. Vladimira Hucina?

(o filmech a nekterych podobnostech mezi Ceskou republikou a Afganistanem)

Chodim rad do kina, priznavam rovnou. Vetsinou ani ne ty "akcni filmy", protoze povazuji hollywoodskou verzi "akce" za stezi uveritelnou ... a taky uz jsem leccos sam zazil a "dokud nezkusim, neuverim", jak tady zpivaji v reklamach. Davam prednost filmum, ktere se snazi neco rict, bez ohledu zda jsou to A a nebo B filmy.

Film "Kdo se boji Virginie Woolfove?" mi nedavno probleskl mysli. Ne, ze bych premyslel nad tim, kdo se ji opravdu bal, pokud vubec nekdo, ale nazev filmu se mi vybavil, kdyz jsem cetl o tom, jak si slavny falesny humanista a cesky prezident Vaclav Havel buduje zasobu svych vlastnich politickych veznu. Byvaly dustojnik BIS Vladimir Hucin je umlcovan v ruznych vezenich a psychiatriich (pamatujete jak v Sovetskem svazu drzeli nektere jejich disidenty jako Scaransky nebo Sacharov v blazincich?) od unora minuleho roku. A ted 13. unora 2002 s nim budou delat naraficeny soud a ministr vnitra CR Stanislav Gross uz mezitim vyhlasil v televizi, ze on uz dopredu vi, ze Hucin je vinen. Tak si aspon predstavuji "nezavisle soudnictvi" v Ceske republice. Kdo se asi tak moc Vladimira Hucina boji?

Odpoved je zrejma a jednoducha: Byvali komuniste, kteri jsou stale u moci. Sametova revoluce byl podfuk. Komuniste se nikdy moci nevzdali - jen presli do politickych stran s jinymi jmeny, prevlekli kabaty a zustali u moci.

Anatolij Golicyn, ktery zbehl od KGB, napsal v jeho knize "Podvod s perestrojkou" na strane 205 nasledujici: "Zapad naprosto nezvladl pochopit umyslne podvodnou podstatu novych 'demokratickych' a "ne-komunistickych' struktur, ktere prisly k moci v SSSR a vychodni Evrope. Zapad se naopak radoval z toho, ze byvali takzvani 'disidenti', kteri byli Zapadem chapani jako 'pronasledovana politicka opozice', se nyni stavaji prezidenty, premiery, cleny vlad a parlamentu a velvyslanci v techto novych strukturach. Komuniste zcela uspeli v zameru Zapadu utajit skutecnost, ze tato takzvana 'politicka opozice disidentu' byla vytvorena, vychovana a rizena komunistickymi stranami a tajnymi sluzbami vychodniho bloku behem dlouheho udobi pripravy na 'perestrojku'. Vsechny politicke a bezpecnostni moznosti a zdroje byly plne vyuzity ve prospech teto strategie."

Protoze vice lidi v dnesni Americe ma jasno pouze kde je Afganistan, nez aby vedeli kde je Ceska republika - dovolte mi, abych vysvetlil sitruaci na Cesko-Afganistanskem srovnani:

Vetsina lidi, kteri dnes sleduji udalosti v Afganistanu, je prekvapena neprijemnou skutecnosti, ze Afganci sami neprojevuji nejake odhodlani se s Talibanem vyporadat a nechavaji je jit, at uz do do zahranici a nebo dokonce do jejich rodnych vesnic, jakoby se nic nestalo! Neexistuje nejaka povsimnutelna vule k dosazeni spravedlnosti. Okamzite je vsechno zapomenuto. Abdul Haq, dle vsech zdroju slusny a vzdelany clovek, byvaly velitel mudzahedinu behem sovetske okupace, invalida, ktery ztratil jednu nohu kdyz slapl na minu, byl brutalne zavrazden talibanskou "spravedlnosti" pred par tydny, kdyz se vratil do Afganistanu. A ted je najednou vsechno zapomenuto a nikdo nema zajem o dosazeni spravedlnosti v tomto a tisici dalsich pripadu. Pokud to pujde takovym stylem dal, tak jeste uvidime talibanske vrahy ve vladnich pozicich soucasne afganske vlady!

A pritom existuje precedent tehle silene situaci - a proto o tom mluvim! Uprostred Evropy, v Ceskoslovensku - dnesni Ceske republice. Komunisticka vlada zavrazdila tisice lidi behem jejich vlady do roku 1989, ale bez ohledu na to, kdyz humanismus predstirajici autor divadelnich her Vaclav Havel prisel k moci koncem roku 1989, tak jeho vlada vyhlasila pravni kontinuitu (pokracovani pravniho radu) s predchazejicim vrazednym komunistickym rezimem a stari komuniste se podili na moci dodnes. I kdyz rict "podili se na moci" je podceneni situace - oni jednoduse zustali u moci. V soucasne vlade Ceske republiky z 18 ministru je 18 byvalych clen komunisticke strany.

Pokud tento zarny "evropsky priklad" bude nasledovan v Afganistanu, tak muzeme predpokladat, ze Mullah Omar a Osama Bin Laden budou zpatky u moci behem par mesicu nebo do roku. Americke bomby je vytlacily od moci jen docasne, ne trvale. Coz mi prinasi vzpominku na dalsi film - byl to druhorady film s Chuck Norris a Lee Marvin jmenem Delta Force. Film byl volne inspirovany skutecnymi udalostmi z te doby, kdy americke dopravni letadlo bylo uneseno do Beirutu a jeden z cestujicich, potapec americkeho namornictva byl zavrazden.

Ve filmu velice realisticky vypadajici arabsti teroriste sebejiste odmitaji jakekoliv americke pozadavky o propusteni rukojmich - jak jinak. Ovsem kdyz se tam prihrne Delta Force, bomby zacnou vybuchovat a ohnostroje rozsviti oblohu, pak najednou chnapou telefon a krici: : "Americane, ja chci vyjednavat!" (a jak uz to chodi ve filmech "prilis pozde, bastardi, prilis pozde"). Mrazive podobna situace se opakovala, kdyz Spojene staty pozadovaly vydani teroristu z Afganistanu - Mullah Omar byl prilis hrdy, byt jen na to, aby jen se Spojenymi staty mluvil - ovsem kdyz bomby zacaly prset z oblohy v Kandaharu, najednou byla hrdost pryc a byl dostatecne skromny na to, aby si zachranil kuzi na zadnim sedadle motocyklu a byl vice nez ochoten vyjednavat s Hamid Karzai.

Uz to chapete? Tak se vrattme do Ceske republiky. Zadne bombardovani vychodni Evropy se nikdy nekonalo - zda je to dobre nebo ne zalezi na tom, jak se na to divate - ale prinejmensim se dosud nekonalo. Komuniste, co se tyka lidskych prav a hodnoty lidskeho zivota, jsou ideologicti pokrevni bratri Talibanu a teroristu z Al-Qaeda - proste jim na tom nezalezi! Navzdory vsem prohlasenim o tom, jak jsou ted "demokraticti", komuniste stale vladnou Ceske republice a smesny humanista Vaclav Havel byl jejich kumpanem od prvopocatku. A i kdyz si to ti myslici mysleli uz davno, nikdo nemel zadne dukazy. Ty dukazy byly objeveny jednim snazivym dustojnikem ceske tajne sluzby BIS, Vladimirem Hucinem. Proto ted hnije ve vezeni, proto ho strkaji do blazince a proto bude ted postaven 13. unora pred zinscenovany soud, v nejlepsich komunistickych tradicich, s vysledkem dopredu znamym.

Ceska vlada (jejiz vsichni clenove jsou byvali komuniste) se boji Vladimira Hucina. Jsou cim dal vic nervoznejsi z opakovaneho (naposledy 9. ledna 2002) napominani Helsinskym vyborem americkeho Congresu, o porusovani lidskych prav a svobody projevu v Ceske republice ().

Slavny "humanista" a loutka komunisticke vlady, president Ceske republiky Vaclav Havel, prijemce ceny Americke pravni asociace za rok 2001 CEELI "Cena za vladu zakonu", se boji Vladimira Hucina. Hlava ceske Poslanecke snemovny Vaclav Klaus, prijemce hromad cestnych doktoratu z americkych universit (ti americti profesori proste MILUJI evropske levicaky!) se boji Vladimira Hucina. Jak dlouho tato situace bude prehlizena? Jak dlouho budou cesti komunisticti spioni sedet ve velitelstvi NATO v Bruselu a predavat vojenska tajemstvi do Ruska?

Verim, ze vychodoevropske narody, chteji-li tedy zustat soucasti civilizovaneho sveta, by se mely zbavit svych vlastnich komunistu velmi velmi rychle - a poslouchat uz ted, co se jim rika - hned napoprve. Protoze muze dojit k situaci pozdeji, ze uz nikdo nebude ochoten slyset je same, az budou vriskat: " Ja chci vyjednavat!"


Florida, USA